Equalizer III On The Way? #DenzelWashington #TheEqualizer #Ntuneentgrp

Equalizer III On The Way? 
#DenzelWashington #TheEqualizer #Ntuneentgrp

What can be better than seeing Denzel Washington, legendary black actor known for movies like; Malcolm X, John Q, Mo' Better Blues, Manchurian Candidate, Glory and more star in the action packed "Equalizer" series of films. Equalizer 1 & 2 were big hits at the box office and undoubtedly if part 3 comes we'll be first in line to see Denzel kick as*. His role as "The Equalizer" is groundbreaking and refreshing seeing a black man on the big screen cast in a role you don't typically see black men offered. Kudos to the director Antoine Fuqua and big shouts to Denzel Washington. Stay Tuned!!!

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