Today's CW Music Artist Interview is on esteemed businessman, radio host and rap recording artist Ya Boi L.I.V.E.!  Get to know all about this artist and his new single "What Up Bitch" by reading our one on one interview below.



What's up Ya Boi L.I.V.E.?  Are you ready for this interview?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  What up what up how you doing.  Hope all is well.  I'm definitely ready always ready lets do it!

How was your 2021?  How would you sum up this year?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  For me 2021 has been a year of improvement mentally, physically, financially  and emotionally just trying to elevate in all areas as needed.  Its a lot going on in the world that can take a toll on you.  Gotta stay as strong as possible.
What was your highlight for 2021?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: One of my biggest highlights of the year was the release of my latest project IwasBorn2bSeen which is available wherever you get your music.  Nothing but bangers on there.  Check it out if you haven't.  I'm sure you'll agree.
What has been the lowest point of your 2021 and what do you do about it?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  Honestly nothing stands out to me at the moment but my lowest point or points don't exist for long.  I always try to fix the situation or get myself out of it before it can be life changing or affect me in a negative way you know?
What are you looking forward to the most for 2022?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: Health wealth & prosperity 2022 looks busy positive & very lucrative for me $$$

What plans do you have for 2022?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: My plans for the New Year on a broad scale are to have my brand become a household name worldwide and put myself in a position to be able to create more opportunities for my family and my whole team.
We see you are more than just a recording artist, you are also a prominent businessman and radio show host.  Could you tell the readers about all your other business ventures?  
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: I have a radio show/podcast called TracHouseRadio where we interview artists of all genres of music as well as business owners, authors, chefs, clothing designers etc. We feel at TracHouse there are different levels of success whether you're just starting out or been on a roll for ten years.  So we provide a platform for people to tell their story no matter what level there on with music always being the underlying tone. I also have a sportswear company called DaVille Clothing which started off with just t shirts and hats but we are expanding this yr to a fall/winter collection as well as custom made to order one off colors and designs.  Last but not least NbdbRealty which is the real estate side of things where we focus on rebuilding properties in run down areas to help those areas become more prosperous .

Let's talk about your current single and video "What Up B**ch", what's the single all about?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: My single “What Up Bitch” is my way of getting people's attention right off the bat. It's an arrogant attitude type record. The first verse I speak on the type of woman that may be considered a Bitch. 
During the second verse I explain why I chose to use the word & during the third verse I sprinkle in some jewels pertaining to to society’s social ills all the while showcasing my flow & wordplay throughout.

Is there anything else you would like to speak about or mention in this interview?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  I just wanna say thanks to all my loyal fans and supporters the movement is still moving and we stronger than ever facts of life...
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