NEW VIDEO: Karma Nikole Knows How To “Make Them Mad” @karmanikole

Karma Nikole is a seductive, yet savvy female hip hop artist known for her raunchy, in your face attitude! She may be a beauty, but she’s far from your average bubble gum female hip hop artist. 

Her style is unpredictable but fierce. Any beat she touches, is definitely going to make you turn up and get the people going, lead with women empowerment voice of the baddies. 

Karma Nikole discovered she could rap at the age of 13 when she began writing poetry which led to putting the lyrics on beats. At the age of 16, Karma Nikole got a microphone tattooed on her forearm.

In the music business, Karma Nikole learned that you can’t take anything personal. 'It’s a business just like any business. You have to believe in your product in order to succeed'. 

Her most influential rappers while discovering her style were Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Nicki flow always caught her attention with her raw lyrics. While Rihanna’s sense of fashion always reminded her of herself being that anything she put on look outstanding.

Recording “Make Them Mad” was easy and fun. Karma Nikole wrote the song in about 2 hours and went the same day to record it in a basement not too far from her house.

Aside from 'Make Them Mad' Karma Nikole has a song called “I Pray” which is her most personal song . She created it for Mother’s Day for her mom. Letting her know that things will get better and she’s not going to have to work so hard soon . She included all my siblings and expressed our love for her.

Recently, Karma Nikole Video "Make Them Mad" premiered on BET Jams!

CLICK here to WATCH: "Make Them Mad"

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