Artist THAIS CRISTINE talks about her new single "A MILLION LOVE SONGS"

Artist THAIS CRISTINE talks about her latest single "A Million Love Songs", her future and music career in general with us here on CW Music.  This is what the bright rising new artist had to say about her single and her music career in general.

This song is not about any guy I've been with in Beijing. This song is simply about my childhood experiences and fears. That I understand that, in this industry, people around us like to see us suffer to make the art sound more beautiful.  It works, but musicians shouldn't have to go through things like that to create art.  I'm extremely grateful I was picked by Amelia McCloskey and Darren Martyn. Having a UK company support my music career is something amazing, and I feel more respected because I have a female manager.   I will release my album with AM Studios and DM Unsigned soon. - Thais Cristine 

True indeed

Listen to the single "A Million Love Songs" by Thais Cristine at


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