(New Exclusive Interview) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Talks With CeezWorld |

(New Exclusive Interview) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Talks With CeezWorld

1. Reason for the name "Bikedope?"

I needed a name that was different and something no one ever hear of before. Although that people would automatically think "Bikes". That would automatically open conversation up about what the real meaning is. Almost like you think it means this but it totally means something else. its always cool to get peoples perspective on matters when they already have a preconceived notion anyway.

2. What do you feel your brand brings different to the marketplace?

Bikedope brings a certain type of authenticity that the marketplace is missing. This society is all about likes and follows and whats trending.  The Bikedope Podcast stops time for a minute a actually speaks to people on a genuine level in a no holds barred type way that breaks up the monotony off everyday living. The people that are involved in this movement are people that life actually happened to. To hear actual stories from people who have dealt with situations such cancer, being former athletes, police officers etc,is nothing short of amazing. But to hear there perspective is truly transcendent. Bikedope and Jon Agnew actually steal time and have meaningful, heartfelt conversations with real people. We bring authenticity or THE REAL like people say. 

3. Breakdown BIKEDOPEculture and what it stands for?

The culture is all about people being themselves and walking in their own skin confidently. In these times it seems as if that's a rarity. I say, Bikedope, For people who dare. Society has made it where they have control over what you can say, think, or do in my own personal opinion. Bikedope says FUCK THAT, I'm myself and I don't go along with the status quo. Life gives you lemons so you make lemonade would be far assumption of how the Bikedope came to be. It stands for you being you 100% and embracing it 150% more. 

4. Where do you see BIKEDOPE culture in the next 5 years?

IN the next five years I see the brand being a household name. I see people approaching obstacles in their path like " Fuck it, Bikedope, I'm about to kill this shit ". I see a culture of people who have adopted the mindset of I can Do absolutely anything under the sun and here's how I'm gonna do it. I see the podcast helping millions of people globally.  I see so many collaborations with so many influential people that the world has got to take notice. When the energies all combine we can help so many more people with so many more problems and issues. I'm really looking forward to it. The Jon Agnew foundation is going to help millions of people pursue their dreams and inspire so many more people. Success leaves clues but unfortunately a lot of people aren't able to access the blueprint. Bikedope will graciously assist. 

5. Will you guys be doing any collabs with any other brands?  

We're always looking to work with and collaborate with more people no doubt about. As long as their as passionate as we are, let's rock
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