POEM: "Music Lover" by WHY YET


Musical Lover
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Notes whisper to my heart
tapping into memories long buried and locked away
- or so I thought.
That acoustic guitar has the combination
to release those hidden emotions transporting me
to a time when...
Soft rhythms time traveling faster than a NASA shuttle
on a Discovery mission,
softening my armored exterior,
piercing my emotional walls letting my feelings show
and I am angry,
hurt, and confused
because of all the times I was forced to bury those feelings - 
unable to share them openly -
they were unwanted for different reasons
and now...
Now these musical interludes are massaging
all of my painful parts,
milking all of my wounds,
digging them open and exposing them -
exposing me
But where are these feelings and pain supposed to go?
Leaving me unfiltered and vulnerable
- open and unprotected,
wary and untethered, unattached
lingering in a limbo of unknowing.
And as these notes whisper to my heart
I falter...

- Why Yet 1/20/19

WHY YET  "Entangled Hearts"

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