Manny Rite - Timing (Prod. 12Keyz)

Timing was produced by 12Keyz and is the first of many single’s I will be releasing over next few months. I believe it sets the tone of the type of energy I’m coming with this year. It's catchy and upbeat with it’s own unique sound. When creating this song I was inspired by the Jay Z and Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” record. The goal was to give the world my 2019 version of that with a similar anthem and empowering feel where I’m telling my story of how it was for me coming up in Toronto. My lyrics along with some amazing vocal singing on the hook and bridge from Gigi Noche a dope upcoming singer from my city gives you that blend.

Take a moment to check it out and if it’s something you vibe with I hope that you will consider featuring “Timing” on one of the blogs or platforms you write for. Below is a link to stream Timing.

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