Legendary K-Hip Hop Artist & Former Cash Money Records Artist Flowsik Releases New Video "Bbung"

JayPak, aka, Flowsik, is the Queens born Korean-American rapper who first made waves in the underground rap scene of NYC. Flowsik broke into the limelight of the music industry as a member of the highly successful hip-hop and R&B trio Aziatix that debuted in 2011. Aziatix quickly rose through the ranks in the Asian hip-hop world and won Best New Asian Artist at the Mnet Asian Music awards soon after their formation.  Flow’s crossover potential was recognized early in 2013 when Aziatix signed with Cash Money Records, marking the largest record deal to date between a U.S. Record label and a music act from Asia.  At the time, the US was not ready for a K-hip hop rapper, but now, with the massive surge of K-pop in the United States, it’s clear that  Flowsik’s  is  on  the  brink  of  major US success.  

Aziatix disbanded in 2015, however that did not stop Flowsik from continuing his career.  In 2016, he appeared on the immensely popular K-hip hop competition show “Show Me The Money”, where he was one of the finalists, showcasing his innate and versatile talents.  While on the show, he was part of several collaborations which have since amassed nearly a million cumulative downloads.

While heavily contributing to the K-Hip Hop boom around Asia and beyond, Flowsik crossed over into the electronic scene after collaborating with famed electronic producers Teri Miko and Varien in 2017.  The trio proved to make quite the team, releasing “Wrath of God” on the prestigious Spinnin’ Records later that year.  The hard-hitting trap collaboration features original rap verses from Flowsik while still maintaining the crushing electronic element that Miko and Varien are known for.  The track is a blending of genres, cultures, and influences from three very different  artists  who  each  add  their  own  production  taste  to  the  collaboraton.

2018 has proven to be one of the busiest for Flowsik yet with his newest collaboration series with Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter Jessi.  The two have teamed up for two new releases, “All I Need’ and “Wet”, both of which have surpassed millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify.  The tracks are cool-flowing and catchy, and captivate Flowsik’s ability as an artist to adapt to new projects.  His tireless work ethic and perfectionism as an artist have placed him on a path  to  a  bright  a  future  -  and  he’s  only  just  scratching  the  surface.

Flow possesses all of the elements to become an international K-hip hop star.  Born in Queens, he has been driving the underground hip-hop scene at home as well as being highly involved in the Korean industry for seven-years.  He embodies both worlds that now can be translated and consumed by the US music market.  Most importantly, he has a distinctively deep voice and delivery that is truly unforgettable.  Keep an eye out for what’s next from the prolific talent---there’s  a  whole  lot  more  in  store  for  fans  and  critics  alike.

Flowsik announces his presence in the states with his new video “Bbung.”

Flowsik’s “Bbung” is now available at all digital retailers and streaming platforms:  https://fanlink.to/bbung
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