Eric Bellinger x AD “Pullin Up” Video

Eric Bellinger and AD Take Some Baddies for a Ride in Their Taco Truck in the New Video for "Pullin Up"
”Pullin Up,” from Eric Bellinger (@EricBellinger) and AD's forthcoming concept album NINE set to be released October 30th, is a classic fun-loving video with a twist. Everyone knows Bellinger loves the ladies...and with Compton rapper AD by his side, the pimp game is STRONG. But instead of pulling up in a foreign car, "Poncho Belly" (Bellinger) and "Dizzle" (AD) are wooing the ladies with TACOS! 
 The visual for “Pullin Up” begins with Eric Bellinger's alter ego Poncho and classy-hood player Dizzle driving a vehicle that represents L.A. to the fullest...a taco truck. As two gorgeous women appear to place their order, a party gets started inside, and Bellinger's energy is off the charts as he sings about the fine physiques he's spotting (Look at all them curves on her / Look at them curves on her / Look at how she swerve the curve) and the scene shifts from taco truck to warehouse while AD drops bars about his prowess.

Bellinger’s award-winning talent has blessed him with the opportunity to record with the best rappers around, and AD went in on this first release from their forthcoming project. AD’s lyrics are the game he’s spitting, and he doesn’t hold back about what he wants to do. I ain’t nothing like these other n***s / Good with digits like your tax man / Hit it til you need a CAT scan / Ninja moves, make you do back flips. According to the rising emcee, working with Eric Bellinger has been inspiring. “This album was complete fun for us. Eric, aka Poncho, is a musical genius.” We'll get to experience the whole NINE album at the end of this month on October 30th.
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