Apathy Joins Tragedy Khadafi & BP on "Mastermind"

As the final teaser off their upcoming Immortal Titans LP, Tragedy Khadafi & BP team up with Connecticut’s finest, Apathy, to deliver snarling bully raps on the hard-hitting “Mastermind.”
The New York duo and their guest are also joined by Long Island legend DJ Stitches, whose scratched hook more than makes this cipher complete. He drops in venomous quotes from Hip-Hop royalty that serve to properly punch-up the brutal no-bullsh*t raps of Trag and Ap, who absolutely kill it with back-to-back verses.
Beyond the wordplay and slick quotables, though, these two emcees just sound focused and hungry at a time when so many other so-called rappers would simply phone in their verses and call it a day. But Trag and Ap aren’t your typical rappers, of course, and they simply body the beat from BP, whose combination of strings, piano keys, and drums is pure mayhem.
“Mastermind” can be purchased for instant grat track off the iTunes’ pre-order landing, which could also be pre-ordered now on CD and vinyl, and through Bandcamp, Amazon Music, and Google Play. The 14 track LP also boasts guest appearances from Nature, SmooVth, Rozewood, Hus Kingpin, Ali Vegas and more!

01. Earth Distributors
02. Immortal Titans
03. F#@% How They Feel (feat. Nature)
04. Upper Echelon *Unkut Premiere
05. Prime Time
06. Mastermind (feat. Apathy & DJ Stitches) *Grown Up Rap Premiere
07. 4 Her
08. Renoir Repertoire (feat. SmooVth, Rozewood & Hus Kingpin)
09. Talk to ‘Em
10. Story Never Told *Ambrosia For Heads Premiere
11. The World Is Mine (feat. Ali Vegas)
12. Slow Motion
13. The Great Escape
14. Steady Rising
*Vinyl format only includes tracks 1-1

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