New Video: Enkay47 “My Own Lane”

HipHopDx Premiere
Enkay47’s “My Own Lane” Will Be Released On 8-31-2018

Enkay47, is an American rapper and songwriter originally hailing from the small town of Silverton, Oregon. He initially began writing music at the ripe age of 15 in an attempt to make friends and "fit in" after being bullied and alienated by many of his peers. However, as time progressed, he realized how much of an impact music had made on his upbringing and wanted to help other people in the same way.
At the age of 18 Enkay47 went on his first national tour as a "special guest" for Cryptic Wisdom's ‘One Take’ Takeover Tour and self released his debut album Welcome To My Mind in March, 2017. He built his fan base exponentially before the release of his next EP, The Iron Curtain, (March 2018) which peaked at #24 on iTunes in the US (#17 in Canada), and #9 on Google Play. During the span of only 6 months he went from just over 5,000 fans between YouTube and Facebook to over 100,000 thanks to viral videos like “Lesson Learned” (hitting 6 million views on Facebook) and “Twenty 18” (hitting over 2 million views on Facebook).
Today, with his new project cracking the top ten list for pre-orders on iTunes, Enkay47 releases a new visual, My Own Lane, for the album’s title track with HipHopDX.  “My Own Lane is just the tip of the iceberg.  I want to show people that I’m my own artist and steer clear of the constant Eminem and NF comparisons”” Enkay commented to HipHopDx.  So what’s the solution? I dye my hair blue, throw in some blue contacts and get on a trap beat.  This is me finding myself as an artist.  I allow listeners to really delve into both my personal and professional life; in an attempt to help both entertain and relate to all different backgrounds and preferences.
Enkay47’s My Own Lane will be released on 8-31-2018.
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