Rising Philly Act Mulch Aikens Releases "Pull Up 2 The One U Love"

On this new track, Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Matthew Melchionne (Mulch Aikens) touts a trickling, effervescent ’80s vibe with some funk and disco in the rhythm. The track hooks with its atmosphere and nostalgia.

“I wrote the song while I was working as an orderly overnight in an Emergency Department,” Melchionne says. “I was trying to write music that would convey tenderness and gentleness by tapping 80s quiet storm ballads and contemporary abstract hip hop/dancehall. It’s equal parts Luther Vandross and Frank Ocean."

Mulch Aikens (b. 1993) is a reclusive songwriter based in Philadelphia, PA. His work is informed by the cultural divide inherent in his own parentage. A son of Haitian and American parents, Aikens grew up oscillating between different cultures. As an undergraduate in the SUNY Purchase music scene, he observed the same berth between culturally progressive DIY rock and cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic pop. The constant pendulum swing between different sets of cultural values instilled a deep desire to create understanding between disparate viewpoints that animates Aikens’ music.

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