Saul Williams launches Kickstarter campaign for new musical

One of Hip Hop's most dynamic figures, Saul Williams, is launching Kickstarter for his a new musical titled Neptune Frost, written and directed by the accomplished artist, actor, producer, and writer himself. More info on Neptune Frost via the Kickstarter campaign be found here. See a brief description on the project below from Saul, spread the word and stay up to date on all news including forthcoming live dates and appearances at
From an otherworldy village made of recycled computer parts a hacking collective performs the most outrageous hacks in US & world history full of social commentary & gutsy platform takeovers. They are the virtual heroes of a world drawn closer and closer to authoritarian rule until they cross the line that takes them from beloved hackers to first-world terrorists.

Neptune Frost is the love story between an inter-sex runaway, a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union - MartyrLoserKing- the world's #1 trend The Authority seeks to end.

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