MSP Sonny, Swindle & Kae One - Trill Time (@CertifiedOutfit)

MSP Sonny, Swindle and Kae One move as distinguished gentlemen. They also know a thing or two about respect, a hard work ethic and the code of the streets. The three men conglomerate have established a powerful connection over the past few years. This of course would lead to multiple musical collaborations thru the Certified Outfit movement, such as their latest release, "Trill Time".

Swindle, one half of the duo, and Kae One call The Wash House (Washington) home. Sonny; the raspy toned, vocalist and rapper, calls the Lone Star state of Texas home. Not allowing the land distance to hold them back whatsoever, they team together to offer up a classical gangsta-styled video for "Trill Time". A party record aimed at street players nationwide, the three men share individualized life style tales. This is all done while on the set of Clatter Din Studios as they lay the track and record a film. Party activities soon ensue with a small splash of eye candy to indulge in.

J Beatz provides a top notch, west coast inspired beat perfectly suited for cruising around to on a late night. Whatever the mood may be, "Trill Time" is a g anthem and it is now paired with a clean visual courtesy of Vivid Visual Films. Catch the song on DJ Don Gee's mixtape, "Tacoma Support Seattle - Seattle Support Tacoma", available no via Datpiff. Stay tuned for more from all three artists in the coming times.
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