GOOD GAS 4/20 edition

We have a surprise 420 edition playlist today from Good Gas featuring some of 1st's favorite throwback smoking songs from Atlanta to the Bay and of course 3 exclusive new tracks featuring Philly rapper Tunji Ige, reggae newcomer Menlik, and "Mr. Good Gas" aka FKi 1st himself.

Menlik - Aint No Other Way
Tunji Ige - Another Blunt
Young Nudy - Smoke
Lil Pump - Smoke My Dope
Rbl Posse - Bammer Weed
11/5 - Garcia Vegas 
Kid Cudi - Hyyer
FKi 1st - Zip n a Bitch
Wiz Khalifa- Up
Bone Thugs - Weed Song
Sizzla Kalonji- Smoke Marijuana
Black Uhuru - Sinsemilla
Collie Buds - Come Around
Three Six Mafia - I'm So Hi
Mista Grimm - Indo Smoke
Triple Six Mafia - Smoked Out, Loced Out Pt. 1
2 Chainz - Up In Smoke

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