West Coast Legend JT The Bigga Figga Talks Discovering Master P and The Game @streetcertifiednews

We sat down with west coast legend JT The Bigga Figga recently for an interview. JT rarely gives video interviews but agreed. During our sit down JT took us down memory lane, which included recording and producing Master P's first album, discovering Compton rapper The Game at a hip hop summit in 2002, as well as teaching Zaytoven to make beats before he moved to Atlanta and broke out wit rapper Gucci Mane.
PART 1: Intro | Who is JT The Bigga Figga??

PART 2: Teaching Master P The Game

PART 3: Discovering The Game/ Black Wall Street

PART 4: Teaching Zaytoven to Make Beats/Early Gucci Mane coming soon
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