R-Mean “Discretion”


Los Angeles based Armenian-American rapper R-Mean continues to release incredible music this week on #MeanMonday, with the release of "Discretion". "Discretion" is the 12th release of 52 releases scheduled to be released every Monday for the rest of the year. The record features Los Angeles singer/song writer Breana Marin and is produced by Mantra (known for Future and Rihanna collabo “Selfish”) making up a seriously intriguing sound. Many individuals have compared R-Mean to NAS, or Eminem, however this week R-Mean simulates Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls with his rare ability to tell a story about engaging in a relationship with the wrong female.




Tells a powerful story about Jealousy and Revenge In

D  I  S  C  R  E  T  I  O  N

The Armenian-American Rapper Releases Part 12 of 52 For #MeanMondays

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