New Music: Raekwon ft Ghosface Killah "This Is What It Comes Too" (Remix)

Billboard Premiere
For 25 years, Raekwon has been one of the most sought out voices in music; a true originator of lyricism, street fashion and inventive music. On 3-24-2017 the legendary emcee will release his seventh solo album The Wild. Released through his own IceH20 imprint along with EMPIRE, the album is a stark commentary on both the world and the music industry--everything is wild, Rae notes, alluding to his new album’s symbolic title.
With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s never been more apparent that this jungle needs order; and as the apex predator within hip-hop’s jungle, Raekwon plans to restore order with The Wild.
On the eve of the release of his new classic, Raekwon premieres the remix for “This Is What It Comes Too” with Billboard.  “Ghost is my brother and we’ve been on this blessed journey for awhile now” Raekwon commented to Billboard.  “Me and Ghost are an institution and I know the fans were calling for a remix; so this is what it comes to; Ironman Lunch Mix.”
The remix for “This Is What It Comes Too” f/ Ghostface Killah will be included as a special bonus track on The Wild.  

Checkout the Billboard premiere: here
Pre-order Raekwon’s The Wild at iTunes: here
Tracklisting and credits for Raekwon’s “The Wild”:
1.) “The Wild” (Intro)
2.) ”This Is What It Comes Too”
3.) “Nothing”
4.) “Skit” (Bang Head Right)
5.) “Marvin” f. Cee-Lo Green
6.) “Can’t You See”
7.) “My Corner” f/ Lil Wayne
8.) “Skit” (Fuck You Up Card)
9.) “M & N” f/ P.U.R.E.
10.) “Visiting Hour” f/ Andra Day
11.) “Skit” (Bang Fall Down)
12.) “The Reign”
13.) “Crown Of Thorns”
14.) “Purple Brick Road” f/ G-Eazy
15.) “You Hear Me”
16.) “Bang Outro”
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