(New Exclusive Interview) T' Juan Talks Music With Ceez World |

(New Exclusive Interview) T' Juan Talks Music With Ceez World

(New Exclusive Interview) T' Juan Talks Music With Ceez World

1. T' Juan, how long have you been doing music? 

I've been in the music business since the 9th grade. I started out in the garage with my aunt Sharisma. However, music has always been apart of who I am before I got into the business.

2. T' Juan, what made you want to start doing music? 

Music inspired me to do music! Everything about it I love. Growing up my mom spoiled me and my brothers with good timeless music. Music that will never loose it's relevance neither it's respect. Luther VandrossIsley brothers, Patti Labelle, Usher, T.I., Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, DMX, and the list just goes on and on. I feel like me and music get along well with another. I listen to music and music listens to me. So I started doing music because music gave me a way to express myself creatively. 

3. T' Juan, You just dropped a record called "Save Her" featuring Project Pat. How did this record come about? 

Great that you asked that question. I just dropped "Save Her" Feat. Project Pat from my upcoming EP titled "The New Kanye"! Getting Pat involved all started on Instagram. Project Pats manager reached out to me and stated that he saw me working and wanted to possibly do a joint collaboration tape with Pat. I took interest immediately. Reached out to my team, got the CEO on the line and actually made the suggestion to remake a record of Pats. From there it was golden. Cracked top 70 a few weeks later. GOD is golden! 

4. T' Juan, what is the concept behind the record "Save Her" and how long did it take you to record it? 

The concept behind the save her record is self explanatory. It's just a reflection on my life and who I am. For since I can remember I've always prided myself on trying to expect less and accept more. Therefore it's cost me a lot. A lot of time, and energy. Like most of us, we waste too much of your time investing it into the wrong people for too long. Time is to be appreciated. My song can be a bit much for most to swallow because it's sadly a truth. It took me about an hour to record the record. Pat sent his verse back to me with in 2 weeks!

5. T' Juan, what is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it? 

The approval of EVERYBODY.  For as far as I can remember I've always attempted to please everybody I knew and even those that I didn't know. I've learned that no matter what somebody someone will always be disappointed, not just at your worst, but even at your BEST! When I defeated that demon I defeated by biggest hurdle I've had to jump thus far in this race. It's OK for people to not be OK or satisfied with what I have to offer. I rock with those who rock with me. The end.

6. T' Juan, where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years? 

With in the next 5 years I see my brand influencing the industry as a whole. My style, energy, spirit, and approach will be the standard. If it's not GOD, life, family, or love and respect "It won't be cool." Globally my music and my brand will be beyond impactful. It will reach and serve the masses. It will be a model of a lifestyle for many!
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