(New Exclusive Interview) New Money Twinz Talk Music With Ceez World |

1. New Money Twinz, how long have you guys been doing music?

Music Has Always Been Apart of Us, Way Back Since Michael Jackson, New Edition, All The Way To 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. But We New About Rap Music, Run D MC, Fat Boys, Salt N Pepper Back When Our Mother and Father Was Spinning Vinyl Records.

2. New Money Twinz, what do you feel you guys bring different to the music industry?

We Bring That Twin Energy, Thats What We Bring Different. But When You Look At Us, We Want You To See Method Man & Redman, We Want You To See OutKast, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes and Spliff, We Want You To See Jodeci, See Dru Hill, Usher, Rae Sremmurd, A-R AB & Dark Lo, 50 Cent, Nas, Camp Lo, Diddy, Jay Z, We Want You To See Hip Hop and R&B, All Through Us!!!!!
3. New Money Twinz, how did you guys come up with your name of your group and what does it mean to you guys?

When Came Up With The Term New Money Going Into The 2000 Millennium. 17 Years Later, Here We Have New Money Talk All Over The Globe. We Cant Count On One hand How Many Musical Artists,/ Rappers,/ Corporate Sponsors That Have Voiced NEW MONEY in their Raps and have incorporated The New Money Theme in Their Business Programs In Marketing.

4. New Money Twinz, talks about the 2016 recap sing. How did it come about and what is the concept behind this record?

2016 Recap Was Just What It Was, A Recap Of All The Entertaining Events That Took Place Heavy In The Mainstream Social Media News Limelight. We Just Narrated In Rap Format From Our Perspective, What Came Across Through Social Media Heavy, Is What We Narrated On.

5. New Money Twinz, where do you guys see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

Whoa!!!, In The Next 5 Years We See Us Being The Richest Twins In The Nation. Flying Cars Like The Jetsons, Still On The Internet Gaining Information and Doing Big Business. Marketing and Advertising, Investing In Small and Up and Coming Businesses, And Just To Have A Prosperous Family and Community, Escalating Up The Ladder and Bringing Wealth and Success. 

Thanks For The interview, Happy 2017, Don't Worry How I Get It, Get It How You Get It!!!! Plug New Single
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