Nature - "Throw It Up" (DJ Concept Remix)

In the right hands, a remix is like a fresh coat of paint capable of breathing new life into an existing track. Proving that point is Long Island producer DJ Concept, who on his latest remix has completely overhauled the sound of Nature’s slept-on 2014 joint, “Throw It Up.” The original track, which appeared on Seasons Changed: Winter Edition, featured the legendary Queensbridge rapper on his NYC-rap steez. That was thanks in part to Marco Polo, whose instrumental captured the grit and grime of Nature’s rhymes. But for Concept, there was more to the track than that. As you can hear on his remix, the producer transformed the song into a feel-good anthem with looping flutes and pianos, giving the track a sentimental and soulful vibe. So when Nature spits, “Feet firm on the ground, is the way I’m rooted/ Nias lovin’ what I’m doing, plus the way I do it,” it sounds less like bravado and more like a celebration. And just in case you’ve yet to peep Concept’s other projects from this year, be sure to check his collab album Seventy Nine with Planet Asia, in addition to his uplifting instrumental tape, Flight Patterns 2.
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