Lil Fame, Termanology and More Join Superior on "Rapper Shot" (Video)

German-based producer Superior’s new video for “Rapper Shot” is a grimy, bad-ass take on your favorite Saturday morning cartoon—just with more hybrid-robo animals, epic space battles and explosions galore.
The video was put together by the team at StreetHearted Videos (M-Dot, King Keil), who were clearly inspired by this brassy banger. On its own, “Rapper Shot” is a hard-nosed posse cut featuring tough bars from Don Streat, Termanology, and Lil Fame; precise cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa on the hook; and a horns-driven instrumental courtesy of Superior.
And in its visual form, “Rapper Shot” transforms into a viewing experience that blends the slick style of Japanese anime with the explosive scenery of your favorite ‘80s action flick. All four of the featured artists are animated by the StreetHearted crew, and they eventually meet up with the all-powerful Superior to absolutely tear apart their nemeses headquarters. They also took out a rabid robo-bear because hey, why not?
Check out the visuals for “Rapper Shot,” and be sure to support Superior's new album, The Journey, which is now available for pre-order via iTunes, and drops February 17 through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Below System Records. The 15 track LP will also be available on vinyl in limited quantities!

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