(New Written Interview) Connor Ray Talks Music And Life With Ceez World |

(New Written Interview) Connor Ray Talks Music And Life With Ceez World

1. Connor Ray, how long have you been doing music?

I started doing music during the summer right before my senior year in high school. I think I was 17 so nearly 7 years now.

2. Connor Ray, breakdown your style and sound?

I like to consider myself as an artist without a formula. I look at myself as a vessel. So whatever God puts in me I do my best to let it come out just as naturally through my art. Which can be very uncomfortable a lot of times but also the most genuine which i take pride in. I like weird stuff. Weird sounds weird vibes. I just like creating a positive feel. By expressing myself and saying the things I don’t believe others will. I dare to be different and still be dope at the same time.

3. Connor Ray, when it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for within the music industry?

I’d like to be remembered as someone who embraced my flaws. Stayed humble and hopefully inspired people to create a better world for themselves despite how hard it is. I'm not someone who has all the answers if any but i do believe in purpose. If its the last thing im remembered by I would want it to be that I wasn’t afraid to try and attain my purpose with my best foot forward. And I made an effort to make that journey worth it despite the outcome.

4. Connor Ray, you just released the single Lil Bam Bam. What is the concept behind that record?

The concept is what it’s like to try and be sane in a world so crazy. The line is thin because how do you separate the two or recognize the difference when both my sanity and insanity are feeding off of the craziness mixed with the supernatural that i'm surrounded by daily. Pretty much calling myself out along with the world makes me feel a little less crazy, based on the whole admitting it is the first step thing.

5. Connor Ray, how did the Lil Bam Bam record come about?

I was just making a random beat while i was in Houston Texas like i would any other day. The record was produced about two years ago. Along with the first verse. I didn’t write the hook or the second verse until i moved back to Denver. I called the song lil bam bam when i originally made the beat because the way the drums hit made me think they had a lil bam bam to em haha. Then that made me think of the Flintstones and I ran with it. It’s crazy how all the randomness came together to make sense in the end.

6. Connor Ray, what is your process when writing and recording songs?

It changes every time. I tend to just keep trying stuff until I create something i feel comfortable putting out. I no longer write on paper. Everything is in my head. And as far as my production i don’t play any instruments but i guess i have an ear for music. Lyrics are the most important thing to me. I like to innovatively express myself without sounding like everyone else, but i'm not always successful in that.I record myself at my studio i built in my house then take the best o everything to a professional engineer to get mixed. Despite how free and open it sounds i'm honestly a perfectionist and it hurts deeply when im not satisfied with a product. Literally makes me depressed. Then i snap out of it and make it work.

7. Connor Ray, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If Jesus hasn't come back by then I see myself in a position where I make a living solely off of my music. I don’t intend on signing to any labels unless i damn near write the contract myself. So ill start my own label and hopefully be touring and seeing parts of the world that most haven’t. Or shit i might still be in the house i live in now with no heat recording hot music. As long as im doing what i love ill take either route.
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