Kenric "Ill Bleed" Truitt, blessed with a stage presence second to none and some of the hottest tracks in the game for years, has finally stepped out of the shadows and positioned himself amongst the elite veteran lyricists in the area. ILL Bleed decided that the hard life in his hometown of East St Louis was not what he wanted to be a part of so instead he chose to picked up the trade of barbering; cutting, chopping and trimming hair with is only one of his remarkable skills; while gaining a loyal clientele along the way. Currently based in St. Louis, ILL Bleed is now getting his area of Madison County, IL in on his grind. After successfully completing a new video tour with his bouncy track “M.J. Bad” in the grand city Peoria; a video that is a follow up from his track “Look at Me” which is still gathering consistent views on You Tube.
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