E. Smitty Ft. Armageddon (Terror Squad) & King Phaze | @THEREALESMITTY


With the emergence of lesser talented emcees, E. Smitty, Armageddon & King Phaze have drawn the line in the sand with the mission to bring some substance and clarity back to  Hip Hop. E. Smitty looks to restore some balance back into the game with "Ain't Ready" which features E. Smitty himself, Armageddon (Formerly of Terror Squad) & King Phaze (D-Block, Yonkers Anthem).   Simultaneously handling the production, E. Smitty also shows off his lyrical talent as he touches on the civic duty of every emcee to speak on the social issues which affect the community "Yo elevate your mind to the next status, think like Marley, Malcolm, Michael the baddest, Cause to be at the top of hip hop, gotta be more than average, its your duty to report to the people, the truth, the madness".   Armageddon speaks on the over-saturation of hip hop, King Phaze (D-Block, Yonker's Anthem) adds a valiant voice to the record with references to the late Big Pun & Bruce Lee. This is the 3rd Single off of E. Smitty's forthcoming Album "Hip Hop Time Capsule" a project Smitty created to help advance the culture and bridge the gap between the youth and the elders. Available on SoundAliveRecords.com.

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