Poet / Author Aliscia Melton's book has BETTER Lyrics than Most Recording Artists

If you want to check out some great lyrics, then look no further because you will find it laced in the poems of Aliscia Melton's new book, a compilation of poetry titled Sunshine BlackRose:  From Origination to Maturation a Transformation in Poetic Form!

Although she's a poet, her words are better and more in-depth than some of the lyrics found in today's music!  During a guest appearance on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, Aliscia Melton informed the listeners that she plans to release a spoken word anthology set to music and various compositions.  Once she does that, recording artists should definitely plan on stepping their game up to match the lyrical masterpiece "Sunshine BlackRose" plans to bestow upon the listeners.  

You can check out Sunshine Blackrose's book here at this direct link on Amazon

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