Nova “IAmNova” EP | @IAmNovaCH

Nova is a 24 year old rapper from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan who has recorded and released four projects under various pseudonyms. He studied audio recording and music production at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto Ontario. It was here that he met Izaak Wapachee, the producer of many of the instrumentals Nova raps over. His latest album, IAmNova, explores concepts of introspection and existentialism with a mix of dreamy and nostalgic themes. The album aims to present the process of breaking down one's own personality and psychology, and rebuilding it stronger and more resilient to the harshness of modern life. It encourages you to analyse your dreams, both figuratively and literally, and understand the psychological motivations behind them.

Through the use of old film samples from the late 1930's to early 1960's, it juxtaposes the optimistic cultural zeitgeist of the era with bittersweet, self-reflective lyrics about the plights of the average person in today's society. Be it relationships, depression, self-medication, or just trying to find the meaning of your own existence. The record takes you through a range of emotions, from desperation, to rage, melancholy, and finally ending with bittersweet acceptance of the nature of reality. The final message being to follow your dreams and ambitions fully and truthfully, for all the right reasons
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NEW VIDEO: "Smoking You" by General Grown

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Watch the new video by General Grown titled "Smoking You" (The Smoke Anthem of 2016). Post your feedback below.